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What does Kelpie do?

We’re building Kelpie with a range of features that can help farmers manage the variety huge of technology and information on their farm in a way that helps them work smarter and make better decisions.

All your apps in one place

At it’s heart Kelpie is an aggregation platform, allowing you to connect a plethora of apps, technologies and services and have them available in one convenient location. Instead of downloading an app for every single service you use, Kelpie brings them all into one place making it quicker and easier to use.

Simple User Interface

We’re making Kelpie incredibly easy to use. Built around a simple command system it’s incredibly easy to use, so if you’ve told a dog to “fetch”, then you’ll know how to use Kelpie.

Usable data at your fingertips

Data is an incredibly useful resource and there’s a huge push to make agriculture a data-driven industry. But data doesn’t drive effective farming, decisions making does. Don’t be data driven, be data-informed, because it’s well informed people, not data who can make the best decisions because they combine that information with a lifetime of experience and knowledge of the land. Kelpie doesn’t give you spreadsheets, we graph data so that you can see what it means, what is happening and potential where it’s going. Our decisions system will also let you combine and overlay data from different sources and services so you can see how things relate to one another.

Work smarter & together

Kelpie has a built in task manager that lets you work smarter. This is not just a todo list - the task manager allows you to geofence, allocate and share tasks with family, friends, employees and neighbours. Need something from the co-op in town but can’t spare the hour or more to make the return trip? Create a task with a geofence for the co-op and any of your neighbours passing by will get a notification asking for a hand. You can return the favour next time you’re in town. Assign tasks on your property to specific staff or use the geofence option to alert those passing by that something needs to be done in the area. Reduce some of the isolation of modern farming, and help out a mate, manage your workforce, and share with family.

Relevant and local notifications

Today’s smartphones mean we’re walking around with a computer chock full of sensors and features that we can use to provide more relevant and local information to you. Rather than having to filter out warnings that are given at state or even national level, get relevant information pushed straight to you. Pests in the local area? Get a warning immediately, along with the relevant information you need to take action straight away. Notifications can be tailored to suit you, where you are and what you grow.

Information when you need it

While connectivity is still an issue many in the regions are dealing with we’re getting prepared for when wireless and mash networks become viable for the connected farm. Our mobile app means that you’ll have access to relevant information wherever you are, but especially out in the field, at the point of needs. Instead of having to play “Google Roulette” and find the right information Kelpie pulls in data from trusted and primary sources of information. This also ensure you’ve got access to the most up to date research and best practices.

Connecting the farm

With all these technologies coming onto the farm they often run using proprietary software and standards. Kelpie can provide away for these systems to connect with each other, acting as a bridge to share and pass on data to create smarter solutions. Kelpie can provide a way to turn data into action with the latest smart devices. Trough sensor telling you the water level is low? Connect a smart pump switch and get the two to talk to each other so that they become an automated task.

Publish Once

It’s not just farming data we can aggregate. Social Media is becoming a huge part of many operations, providing a way to connect directly with customers directly. Same goes with news and keeping up with the latest information in your field. Kelpie can provide a central tool to manage your feeds as well as publish across multiple accounts and services.

Accelerate your AgTech

If you’re a AgTech startup or looking to invest in one then you’ll find building an app and interface is one of the most difficult and expensive components of the project. It’s not just the initial cost either - it’s the ongoing updates, changes and modifications that you have to pay for. Utilising the Kelpie platform and our command based User Interface system we reduce your development costs meaning substantially. You can also tap into our existing user base to help accelerate your product into the market!.

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