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Say Hello to Kelpie

Kelpie is a smart assistant for farmers. Capable of fetching the data you need to run your property, Kelpie helps you get on with the job of managing your stock, crops, soil, finances and staff. Rather than download a plethora of apps to your phone Kelpie makes life simple by aggregating them all in one place.

The problem

As technology keeps rolling out in the Ag sector we’re seeing 100s of Apps, Devices, Sensors and Services coming onto the market. Everyone of them is there to help, but running, maintaining and managing an ecosystem of apps is not anyone’s cup of tea. That’s where Kelpie comes in. We aggregate systems, data, information, notifications and device controls into one simple to use app. By connecting multiple systems we can make managing new technology easier. You can create Commands for Kelpie to complete tasks with you, fetch information, notify family and staff, and control your digital equipment.

Kelpie is a Startup

We’re currently in development but always keen to have a chat and discuss the future. Feel free to get in touch with us, we’d love to pitch our idea and discuss AgTech in general. We love to consult on projects too - so if you’re looking for some technical expertise let us know!

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